Is Monopoly just a game?

“Monopoly is an American-originated board game originally published by Parker Brothers. Subtitled “The Fast-Dealing Property Trading Game”, the game is named after the economic concept of monopoly—the domination of a market by a single entity. It is produced by the United States game and toy company Hasbro. Players move around the gameboard buying or trading properties, developing their properties with houses and hotels, and collecting rent from their opponents, with the goal being to drive them into bankruptcy.”   wikipedia:

By 1933, a board game called Monopoly had been created which formed the basis of the game sold by Parker Brothers, beginning in 1935.

Since 1933, we can say that pretty much all young kids, age 2 – 8, all over the world ( as monopoly is one of the top most worldwide played board game of all times), have been playing a game where a single entity tries to dominate the market driving opponents into bankruptcy?

Monopoly is a game which promotes competition instead of cooperation, the richness of one at the expense of the others.
Those fake values brainwashed generations and generations of people and still do.

Monopoly must be removed from the market and replaced by games that promote in young people: the love for the nature, for our planet and for every living being; the cooperation between people, the mutual help, generosity, equality and the freedom to choose our own destiny, the abolition of all differencies and the access to knowledge free and open to all.
Such board games need to be available on the global market for our kids so to start creating a new generation of good people who care each other, who care for the planet they live on.

“Ignorance is loud, intelligence is mild”

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