My word is your word

I grew up with the solid belief that when two persons say each other “deal” or “agreed”. That it is something with immense value.
There is the individual morality behind those words.
Then i have been forced to believe that just “giving our own word’ is not enough and that everything needs to be put on paper. Paper? Why do paper should have more value than my word? If i am a person of integrity, there is no need for any papers at all. You trust my word. I trust your word. And that’s it! Papers only enrich burocrates, and kill more trees.
Finally i realised why there are always more lawyers and always less trees.

It’s because most of the people have lost their integrity. They have compromised all the sacrality of their being and their words are like the ones we continually listen from old politicians. No values and no truth behind them.

A better future starts from everyday’s little actions made with consciousness, integrity, courage and dignity. And society it’s us. Just be an example and other will follow.

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