Why we should refrain from taking free newspapers distribuited at the metro stations

It is not only my opinion that most of the informations that reach us through mainstream media are intentionally modified for propaganda purpose or according to economic, financial and political strategies.
Think about this: If my business is making profits by selling informations to people, why should I cover huge costs and give out for free millions of newspapers everyday to millions of people around the globe?
Newspapers’ costs involve printing, journalists, graphic designers, photographers, typographers and leafleting. Who are the sponsors? Are they funded only by Advertising?

I think there is much more and that these newspapers are distributed to us to shape our views, our opinions, ideas, fears, our enemies and friends. These newspapers subconsciously instruct us in what to buy, what to know, what to chose, brainwashing our minds with gossips and distracting us from things that really could enrich our lives:
a smile with one another, the connection with our beautiful planet and all living beings, our primordial need for sharing, taking care and love each other?

I invite you to be curious and start searching for yourself the informations you need, compare ideas, search for things on forums, reading feedbacks from more than one source, living actively and refrain to passively trust every given information, only because it comes to us in a form of free, harmless newspaper, that we unconsciously take everyday, everywhere and that most probably will be poisoning our day.

Try to not taken it just for one day and see how that day is going to unwind.

We might find that not reading about disasters, violence, war, debts and so on, for one day, will get us in an ecstatic mood for being more collaborative and positive with our colleagues, friends, roommates.

We do not have to be afraid to experience the feeling of being out from the world for one day.
No, no worries the day after, the same news are waiting for us again.

Try this:
Get an old newspaper, one month, one year, two years, ten years old. Read the news. You won’t believe it. The news are the same! Only the names changes: different people, politicians, economists, workers, actors, pop stars and so on… but the news are always the same.

You may think that you are a wise reader capable of discerning news that you find interesting and skip others you do not want to read.
Please do not underestimate the skilful construction of the news in order to mislead public opinion.

Search for informations yourself, and don’t be satisfied with second hand opinions. Search on the Web, read more than one source, compare different news, pay attention to details, incongruences, and ultimately come to a thought that is the result of your personal search for truth. At least it will be your truth.

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